Our story

Our business is called Emerald isle Retreats. We are short term and holiday accommodation specialising in creating Northern Ireland themed fairytale holiday worlds.

We offer at present three new hand made adventure worlds fully equipped self-catering properties in Belfast.

Emerald Isle Retreats is the creation of Belfast born film director David Kinsella.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will  what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”

3 years ago in 2017, David wanted a new visual cinematic challenge, so I could continue developing my storytelling style, and now in 2020 my first 3 holiday worlds are complete.

David was born in Belfast, also the Titanic ship which was built in Belfast was the biggest tourist attraction in Northern Ireland.

David decided to recreate Titanic shipyard ( Harland & Wolff ) original workers cottages, turn them into living stories/movies, an authentic ”Walt Disney world” (Style) entertainment accommodation so the tourists can really live in the Titanic story.

In 1981 David Kinsella won the Northern Ireland Press Photographer of the year, at the age of 16. In 1991 he moved to Norway. During his career he has won a total of 58 major awards for his Documentary work in both photo and film, including 4 times Press Photographer of the year in Norway and 3 times Press Photographer of the year in Ireland. In 2006 David Kinsella directed, filmed and edited his first film Love Letters from a children’s prison. The film was nominated by the American Film Institute for Best feature length film Documentary of the year.

Explore our unique homes

Perfect for Titanic fans

“Rose” is our romantic Titanic holiday home. Situated minutes from the heart of the Titanic Quarter, our "Rose" holiday home tells the story of the World's most famous ocean liner, the RMS Titanic.

5 guests
3 beds
1 bathroom
Perfect for history lovers

“Victoria” is our 1910 style holiday home. Situated minutes from the heart of the Titanic Quarter, our Victoria house takes you back to a bygone era of ship building in Belfast.

4 guests
2 beds
1 bathroom
Original 1860s Belfast cottage

"Becfola" is our Irish Princess fairy tale cottage set in 1860. Situated in the heart of East Belfast, birthplace of C. S. Lewis, our "Becfola" house takes you into a fantasy fairy tale world.

4 guests
2 beds
1 bathroom